Part II Listening Comprehension (30minutes)


  Section A

  Kelly escaped to managed to save her car after the four-mile road
came out of the driving down the high way 。Rattlesnakes are poisonous
and threat to the people generally。 But the woman say the rattlesnake
terrified her on her ways 。 It has big nails on the way to pick up her
friend。 I don’t know when my hands on my steer or not。 But I can
guarantee myself。 She said the snake the was first under the seat until
she could get out of the high way。 Here he comes, the snake tries to
find its road and get out of the car。 Kelly called for help and,
Washington control animal office would capture the snake。

  Directions:In this section, you will hear two long conversations。
At the end of each conversation, you will hear four questions。 Both
the conversation and the questions will be spoken only one。 After you
hear a question, you must choose the best answer from the four choices
marked A),B),C) and D)。Then mark the corresponding letter on
Answer Sheet 1 with a single line through centre。

  Q1:How did Kelly feel when she first came across the Rattlesnake?

  News Report 1

  Q2:What does the report say about the Rattlesnake?

  Kelly escaped injury and managed to save her car after a four-foot
long rat snake came out from under her car seat and slithered across her
feet as she was driving down the high way。 Rat snakes are poisonous or
a threat to people generally。 Q1: But the woman says the snake she
encountered Thursday terrified her out of her wits。 It was rough with
big scales, said 。。。 who was on her way to pick up her friend at the
airport when it happened。 I don‘t know whether I had my hands on the
steering wheel or not。 I’m not the most flexible person in the world,
but I can guarantee my knees were up next to my ears。 She said the
snake first slithered back under the seat and she hoped it would stay
there until she was able to get off the high way and stop。 That didn‘t
work out, she said。 Here he comes, and he wind up in my back seat
before I could finally get off the road, stop and get out of the car。
Q2: She called for help and Washington county animal control officers
came and captured the snake。


  Q1: How did Kelly feel when she first came across the Rattlesnake?

  (3)Fast food turns out isn’t quite as fast as it used to be。 A
new study finds that MacDonald posts its slowest drives through times
since this survey was first inducted fifty years ago。 As MacDonald’s,
customers were spent on average three minutes and nine seconds from the
time they placed their orders until they were receive their food。 About
ten seconds more, they began to straight average and lots slower than
the decade ago, according to the study, which was commissioned by
QSR, an industry trade publication, and MacDonald wasn’t alone in
slowing down。 Other changes also saw their drive through performance
slowing down。 (4)Among the reasons for the slower surveys, today
there are more choices on the menu, and products themselves are more
complex and take longer to prepare。 Speed, of course, is essential to
the drive through experience, and drive through are hugely important to
chace such as MacDonald, Burger King, and Tucle Bell。 Usually, the
drive through accounts for sixty to seventy percent of all business that
goes through a fast food restaurant, notes Song Ochers, editor of
QSR。 Of course, consumers also want their orders to prepare correctly
and on that score, Ochers says accuracy is still really high。

  Q2: What does the report say about the snake?

  3。 What is news report mainly about?


  4。 What has slow down MacDonald drive through service?


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