Good habits are a valuable thing and a bridge reaching desirable
results.Evidently, good habits include teamwork, optimistic attitude,
confidence and soon.  It is well known that teamworkalways leaves us
less mean-spirited and more inclusive. Again, optimisticattitude and
confidence can encourage us to never give up and find silverlinings in
desperate situations。

  Why should we actively cultivate good habits?  For one thing, good
habits can jump ourtrains of thought onto correct tracks, in turn, we
can bypass the wrong path. Foranother thing, persisting what we are good
at and doing even more of it createsexcellence. This is where developing
good habits comes in。

  As a result, we should take some effective steps to cultivate
ourgood habits. For instance, we can frequently inform young people
thatopportunities for errors abound, so we must develop good habits to
cope withthem. To sum up, we cannot deny it that good habits do carry a



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