A smile is the shortest distance between two people

  Mark Twain once said,“The human race has one really effective
weapon, and that is laughter。”A smile willunconsciously pull short
distance between hearts, which is the charm of asmile. So never stop
smiling, even when you are sad, for someone might fall inlove with your

  Undoubtedly, it issmile that keeps us continually shortening the
distance among people. When youfall down, a smile from others will bring
you the power to stand up. Besides, smileis a name card which will make
the people around you feel comfortable and pavethe way for you to make
good friends. When you feel disappointed with the lifeand get
heartbroken with the love, just smile, it’s a good medicine for yourhurt
soul. Were there no smile, never would we taste a happy and healthy

  Consequently, fromwhat has been discussed above, it can be safely
concluded that a smile isbeneficial for us bridge gaps of social
interaction and sweep disorders ofhuman communication。


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